Our most ambitious engagement film to date, this six-minute music video of Jenna and Drew tells the story of the preparation for the biggest day of their lives.  It was shot over several weeks in St. Louis and Chesterfield at such places as Washington Avenue, the Missouri Athletic Club, Simply Elegant Bridal Shop, and Bella’s Frozen Yogurt Cafe.

jennadrewES00 jennadrewES01 jennadrewES02 jennadrewES03 jennadrewES04 jennadrewES05 jennadrewES07jennadrewES08 jennadrewES09  jennadrewES10

You get to visit some pretty cool spots as a wedding photographer.  For Ashley and Alex’s engagement session, we made the trip down to Farmington, which is a midsized town situated in scenic southeastern Missouri, almost dead center between the towns of Festus, Cape Girardeau, and Rolla.  Ashley and Alex said they wanted a classic Victorian look, so we got a hold of some antique furniture and waited for sunset!

ashley-alex-ES-1016 ashley-alex-ES-1079 ashley-alex-ES-1090-Edit

ashley-alex-ES-1071-2 ashley-alex-ES-1093 ashley-alex-ES-1120-2

Congratulations to Angela and Tyler!  We had tons of fun with you guys throughout all of these photo/cinema shoots, and we’re going to miss working on this project now that it’s all over!  Maybe we can do another music video for your one-year anniversary.  How’s that sound?

angelatylerES01 angelatylerES02 angelatylerES03 angelatylerES04 angelatylerES05 angelatylerES06 angelatylerES07 angelatylerES08 angelatylerES09 angelatylerES10 angelatylerES11 angelatylerES12 angelatylerES13 angelatylerES14 angelatylerES15 angelatylerES16

Renee and Tanner, your New Year’s Eve wedding was gorgeous.  Thanks for being such troupers in the cold!  We hope your same-day edit was worth all the shivering!

Thanks to Holy Trinity Church in Fairview Heights and Turner Hall in Columbia for being easy to work with!

Congrats to Erica and Cody!  You guys were fabulous to work with, and we loved the venues you chose (the World’s Fair Pavilion in Forest Park, and the Studio Inn in St. Albans).

Kelley and Jared were married on 7/11, so on the way to the church we stopped by — where else? — the 7-Eleven gas station.  Believe it or not, this was the first time we worked Slurpees into a couple’s wedding photos!  The ceremony was at Webster Hills United Methodist Church in Webster Groves, and the reception was at the Old Rock House, just a few blocks from Busch Stadium.

kelleyjared02 kelleyjared03 kelleyjared04 kelleyjared05 kelleyjared06 kelleyjared07 kelleyjared08 kelleyjared09 kelleyjared10 kelleyjared11 kelleyjared12 kelleyjared13

Having an outdoor wedding in early July always carries the risk of sweltering weather, but Dana and Matt somehow received beautiful springlike temperatures for their July 3rd wedding at the Lemp Mansion (the ceremony was outdoors and the reception was indoors at Lemp’s Grand Hall).  And being Independence Day Eve, we just had to work in the stars and stripes!


dana-matt-1007 dana-matt-1073 dana-matt-1255 dana-matt-1281 dana-matt-1287 dana-matt-1534 dana-matt-1546 dana-matt-1590 dana-matt-1602 dana-matt-1885 dana-matt-1920 dana-matt-1963 dana-matt-2003 dana-matt-2010 dana-matt-2026 dana-matt-2053 dana-matt-2103 dana-matt-2185 dana-matt-2209 dana-matt-2214 dana-matt-2264 dana-matt-2542

The New Town area of St. Charles looks good on any day, but it looked especially gorgeous on Mary and Dan’s wedding day in early June.  This wedding had a lot going for it — good weather, a great couple, and a very photogenic classic car to boot!  Thanks to the New Town Chapel and the Heart of St. Charles for being so easy to work with!

mary-dan-1067 mary-dan-1165 mary-dan-1388 mary-dan-1411 mary-dan-1423 mary-dan-1476 mary-dan-1512 mary-dan-1634 mary-dan-1672 mary-dan-1714 mary-dan-1727 mary-dan-1800 mary-dan-1832 mary-dan-1848-2 mary-dan-1863 mary-dan-1975 mary-dan-2036 mary-dan-2065 mary-dan-2232-2

Whenever a couple has a hobby, it’s a great chance to personalize their photos.  Naomi and Ron had two favorite activities they asked us to work into their photos, music and biking, and we were more than happy to do so!

naomironES01 naomironES02 naomironES03 naomironES04 naomironES05 naomironES06 naomironES07

A freezing January day could not keep Jamie and Tyler indoors for their wedding photos, and the results were worth every shiver!  Thanks for sticking it out, guys!  The ceremony and reception were at Chandler Hill in Defiance, Missouri, and location photos were shot at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in St. Louis.

jamietyler00 jamietyler02 jamietyler04 jamietyler05 jamietyler06 jamietyler07 jamietyler08 jamietyler09 jamietyler10